Cibeles Runway: Miguel Palacio’s Summer-Spring Collection 2011

Miguel Palacio has left the comfort of fresh summer garments in second place, emphasizing his attention in stiff and starched clothes, like neoprene, in order to create compact structures.

Playing with contrast, Palacio combines thick black cotton, that he uses for roundish dresses and jackets, with softer materials like silk, and creates steamy shapes for dresses of different tones like orange, red and flowered.

Tightly woven cotton with raised cords and pailletes (Shiny, flat round disks, larger than a sequin, sewn to a garment for decorative trim) add luminosity to dresses and skirts of the collection, sparkled with embroidery, that creates unexpected volumes aided by knots and puckers.

Nevertheless, the main colour elements were exposed in foot wear, with a very high peep toes in very strong tones.

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